SXSW 2018: Vote to Leave the March Conference Inspired, Not Tired

Why You Should Invest In Employee Happiness

Many of us dedicate ourselves to just one thing outside of our personal lives – our careers. Most of us might agree that, because we spend more time at work and with our coworkers than anywhere else in life, it’s important to feel satisfied and fulfilled in our careers. However, working with other complex, wildly different types of people has the potential to cause great stress, confusion and conflict. “People problems” is what we call that at 5 Dynamics.

The SXSW 2018 PanelPicker voting process starts up today, and we’re excited to announce three panels featuring our own Karen Gordon, alongside respected workplace and human capital experts at next year’s conference. While each panel is different, each shares the common denominator of how to bring your best self to the table. With your support, they hope to have the opportunity to present the following panels: “Are Humans Wired to Hinder Company Success?”,Maximizing Human Potential for Better Work Culture,” and “Self & Surrounding Awareness: A New Core Study

Are Humans Wired to Hinder Company Success?

If you’re keeping up with tech and business news, it’s clear to see today’s startups and enterprises have people problems. Behind every bad headline is a work culture in crisis. Most organizations sit on a goldmine of opportunity if only they can tap into what truly energizes and activates healthy culture – people. With the help of your votes and comments, 5 Dynamics CEO Karen Gordon plans to join collaboration, self-discovery and psychology experts to highlight how unresolved people problems can bring an organization to its knees. With the likes of Anese Cavanaugh, creator of the IEP method and author of Contagious Culture: Show Up, Set the Tone, and Intentionally Create an Organization That Thrives, Heather Currier Hunt, global director of learning and development at design and innovation firm IDEO, and Ben Rubenstein, co-founder and CEO of real estate technology startup Opcity and former founder of Yodle (which sold to for $342M in 2016), the panel will help attendees understand what people at any level can do to empower human capital for employee satisfaction, quality output, and organizational success.

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Maximizing Human Potential for Better Work Culture

People are the gateway to success. When culture is broken, even the best ideas fail. Gordon will join Kevin Delaney, vice president of learning and development at LinkedIn, to highlight how companies often sacrifice company culture in their paths to achieve scale and beat competitors to market, resulting in poor work, burnout and miscommunication. Gordon and Delaney will show attendees how to harness practically-applied behavioral neuroscience techniques to help employees realize their unique working styles to better communicate with others, and how this awareness affects workplace culture and the bottom line.

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**EDU SESSION** Self & Surrounding Awareness: A New Core Study

Research shows non-cognitive, or soft skills, are as critical to productive contribution and personal success in the workplace as cognitive ones. But, education in these is a missing piece in the elementary through higher ed curriculums we use today. Psychology experts, entrepreneurs and implementers will explain non-cognitive skill value in setting students up for workforce success, and what you can do to incorporate proven methods for non-cognitive skill development, no matter your field of focus. Gordon plans to join licensed psychologist and professor at Presidio Graduate School Dr. Cynthia Scott, and author and educator Christopher Shockey, who has spent 25 years developing programs that help people perform and learn better, on stage. There, they’ll answer questions about the research proving non-cognitive skills are critical to all levels of education, and how that translates to workplace success.

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If you’re interested in seeing any or all of these panels take the stage, you can cast your PanelPicker vote today. Check out the links we’ve included to each panel, and create a free SXSW account to give us a thumbs up or comment with a request or question!

We appreciate your support and hope to see you here in Austin in March!