Why 5 Dynamics?

We give your employees a method for working better. It's a way of optimizing work, improving interactions with colleagues and clients, applying one's talents and strengths to the maximum.

Process-Within-the Person

The world focuses on business processes, but no one else focuses on the process-within-the person.

5 Dynamics includes a remarkably brief self-assessment that feeds into a distributed online tool suite. Employees can instantly understand how they and their colleagues prefer to get things done, collaborate, contribute, communicate, and more.

Business Results

Business results are only as good as the process that produced them.

You can use 5 Dynamics to rapidly improve any work process that involves human beings, such as sales, product development, customer service, operations, software development, and more. It is simple to understand and apply.

The 5 Dynamics Model

The 5 Dynamics model is based on process, not personality.

Companies have been focusing on what people do, and much less how they do it. 5 Dynamics is a method that honors individual differences and complementary strengths. Companies that use it as their "operating system" and "common language" truly liberate employees' potential. They quickly find that the many causes of conflict become the groundwork for collaboration.

Services & Tools

Although the 5 Dynamics method is designed to enable companies to "fly on their own", we can support you with a variety of services and tools to support the 5 Dynamics method:

  • In-person and virtual learning experiences
  • Online tool suite
  • Assessment
  • Business Consulting
  • Coaching