Build a Performance Culture

5 Dynamics is a game-changing human performance system for increasing productivity in global companies.

Leaders Using 5 Dynamics

  • Harvard University
  • IDEO
  • LinkedIn
  • VMWare
  • Kaiser Permanente
  • Shire
  • Southcentral Foundation
  • Stanford
  • Sutter Health

5 Dynamics is Easy


2.5 minute assessment with instant reports


Reports generated in your Learning / Energy style


Make changes that matter


Insight into your strengths without value judgments

  • The 5 Dynamics suite of tools has been a trusted resource and companion to much of my work with business leaders in learning how to better manage their energy, enhance their awareness, and optimize their impact. Quick, easy to use, real, effective, and with ripple effects both individually and as a team, this has long been my tool of choice in our executive programs.

    Anese Cavanaugh

    Current: Creator of The IEP Method® and Author of Contagious Culture

  • I’m still stunned at how quick an intervention 5D is, and the sustained impact it’s had on our team functioning and collaboration. I wish I had only taken it sooner.

    Andrew F. Morris-Singer, MD

    Current: President and Founder, Primary Care Progress

  • The 5 Dyanmics software permitted us to design more effective teams for our project- and team-based introductory science course and helped my students develop better collaborative skills and prepare them better for a life of collaborations.

    Eric Mazur

    Past: Vice President, The Optical Society

    Current: Harvard University, Area Dean of Applied Physics, Balkanski Professor of Physics and of Applied Physics

  • I’ve been working with health care leaders and teams for more than 20 years. 5 Dynamics is my go to methodology for helping leaders and teams understand how they work and collaborate. It is fast, accurate and immediately useful. Even my biggest skeptics end up loving it.

    Marianne Roy

    Past: Southcentral Foundation, C.R. Bard, UMASS Memorial Healthcare

    Current: Managing Partner at Convergence Healthcare Consultants

  • 5 Dynamics gives us a consistent opportunity to be proactive by spotting gaps and offering solutions. It is also an accelerator for collaboration by supporting teams in devoting their full attention to the shared goal of creating impact rather than losing time, energy and facing frustration by navigating team dynamics in a blind.

    Heather Currier Hunt

    Current: Global Director of Learning and Development

  • “Of all of the things that I tried at my previous job as VP Learning & Organization Development at VMware, 5 Dynamics was by far the most impactful, and it lasted.”

    Kathryn Kaminsky

    Past: VP Learning & Organization Development at VMWare

    Current: Now leading 20 L&OD Consultants at Google


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